Nicky visited the Western Academy of Beijing (WAB) for two days and was an absolute delight! Her flexibility to adapt her performances to suit ages 4 to 11 was remarkable. How Nicky is able to captivate the audience, without the use of props, lighting, costume, is nothing but CLEVER! She uses only her well-honed art and skill as an actress to make her voice and her body bring characters to life – in 3D-colour! Needless to say, her energy levels were tiring to admire. What was most comforting, was Nicky’s flexibility from the time we first made contact to prepare the program for her final performance at WAB. A true gem, Nicky brought storytelling to life and gave students an insight into how stories can perform. I have no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending Nicky Bingham to entertain, educate and enlighten any school – in the world.

John Byrne
Head of Library
Western Academy of Beijing

I certainly loved your spell-binding performance as you retold the story of The Selfish Giant with our Year 3 group. It was a captivating and emotionally rewarding roller coaster ride of interactive and beautifully enacted theater. To see the concern, delight, and surprise mirrored on the faces of the children was something very special – especially for someone who spends countless hours trying to unwrap the concepts of empathy to children who sometimes require more social-minded support. They were living the characters through you. I was in complete agreement with the comments from one of the overawed students who reflected that he “didn’t know storytelling could be so real but such fun too!” and I hope that you are able to continue offering equally magical experiences to as many children as possible. We will certainly feel fortunate if you’re able to return and treat the children to another theatrical masterclass again. Thanks again,

Mr. Andrew OGILVIE- Learning Support
Quarry Bay School, Hong Kong.


Our entire school community, students, and teachers were thoroughly enchanted and mesmerized by the storytelling wonder that is Nicky Bingham. With a mere twist of her body and an accent in her voice, she seamlessly changed from one character to another allowing a story to unfold not through fancy sets and costumes but through the true magic of storytelling. Her retelling of Roald Dahl’s classic Charlie and the Chocolate Factory kept even the antsy audience members glued to their seats. Nicky’s high-energy storytelling had the kids in stitches, the teachers fully engaged and us all wanting more. We can’t wait for the next time Nicky is in Hong Kong so she can come wow us with another tale.

Josh Blue
IBPYP Coordinator
Japanese International School, Hong Kong SAR

Gary Ilines
Upper Key Stage 2 Coordinator
Shanghai Rego International School

Ms Alex
Literacy Co-ordinator
SRIS Shanghai.

Ms Georgina-Kindergarten teacher,

SRIS, Shanghai.

Nicky spent several days with us telling a wide range of tales…fables…to Myths…to Classic Stories!

All our Primary Students had the chance to be entertained and learn from her performances. The students and teachers thoroughly enjoyed each presentation, as Nicky brought each character to life, awakening delight and wonder in the audience. 

Nicky was very expressive and used her acting skills to enhance each story, adapting it to the needs of each group. The children were hypnotized by the stories and didn’t want her to leave! We highly recommend her and would love to have her at St. Andrew’s again!

Ann Logan & Lilia Wiman

St Andrew’s Scots School (Olivos)

Primary Librarians

Sharon Porter
Teacher Year 1, Shanghai Rego International School

Ms. Shannon, kindergarten teacher
Rainbow Bridge International School, Shanghai.

Ms. Amy, grade 3 teacher
Rainbow Bridge International School, Shanghai.

Ms. Adrienne, Teacher-Librarian
Rainbow Bridge International School, Shanghai.

Mona Abidi
Year 3 Quarry Bay School, Hong Kong.

Sarah Davies Primary Years Coordinator- The International School Bangalore

Laura Heatwole- Stonehill International School, Bangalore.

Gayatri Bhasin – Assistant PYP Coordinator and Grade 4 Teacher

Indus International School, Bangalore

Alicia Ghiorzi-Director of Studies – ITESL –Buenos Aires


Babitha Grade 2 teacher, TISB, Bangalore

Headmistress, Ciudad Jardin, Buenos Aires

Mohua Dutt – Grade 5 teacher, Indus International, Bangalore

Nancy Vidyasgar Grade 3 Teacher, TISB, Bangalore

Rakshita Grade 5 Teacher, Bangalore

Kiran Grade 2 Teacher Indus International, Bangalore

Carla Swineheart Grade 1Teacher. TISB

Marie Martin Grade 1 teacher

Lower School English Co-ordinator

Newton College, Lima, Peru

Namita Grade 5 Teacher, TISB

Prep 1 Team, Indus International School, Bangalore

Mrs. Gabriela Mage- St Matthew’s Belgrano, Buenos Aires

Miriam Durán, Headmistress, St.Michaels College, Buenos Aires

M.F. Igartúa.Florida Day School, Buenos Aires

Heyday British Institute, Buenos Aires

Silvia Laurencena – Headmistress

Cardinal Newman College, Buenos Aires