Nicky Bingham

Story Performer
Nicky is a unique ‘storyteller’ and ‘character actress‘. She literally brings a story to life and her performances could alternatively be described as ‘one woman shows‘. They are simply ‘magical‘ and captivate all who witness her boundless energy and hilarious characters. She is animated, creative, highly imaginative and adaptable...


That fire their imagination

Ages 3 - 7

At this primary level of English Language Learning we ensure the story is told using basic vocabulary, highly visual characters, gesture, mime, repetition and audience interaction.

Ages 7 - 11

The stories chosen for this age group represent a child’s growing interest in zany characters, macabre plots and hilarity. These tales are performed with high energy, sensitivity to the language ability of the group and plenty of audience interaction and participation.

Ages 12 - 16

The content of these stories contain more complex plots and sentence structures and are pitched towards the more mature students. Performed by a skilled storyteller a rich and meaningful context is established clarifying these exciting tales.

About Nicky
Nicky Bingham, a classicaly trained British Actress (Rose Bruford College of Speech and Drama 1990 - 1993 BA Honours) has worked in Theatre/Film/TV/Radio and Musical Theatre for 18 years. In 2005, after touring children's theatre shows in schools around South America, Nicky began her career in 'Performance Storytelling'. She set up her own Theatre Company offering Storytelling and Drama Workshops for children and teachers...

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